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Learning by doing will be the norm.

I imagine people going to MIT for short and regular periods of times with questions and challenges, people will gather around unstructured knowledge, and solve problems, come up with ideas and transform realities, making things happen, I call it learning by doing.

This is not a new idea it is just going back to the origin of MIT (Men et Manus).

I believe the value of MIT is the Campus and the personal relationships you can establish there. Things happen, knowledge flourish, new ideas pop up and become a reality thanks to personal interaction. MIT Campus is the place where things happen, all the necessary elements for innovation and for this things to happen are magically concentrated at MIT Campus.

I see MIT as an innovation hub, where everybody will be able to find, share, build knowledge and solve problems collectively as no other place in the world. Knowledge distribution will probably not be in a classroom with good professors teaching and having students listening and practicing. knowledge will be distributed more randomly and in new forms and channels, but basically will be available for individuals and projects.

If we said the MIT will be the perfect hub for innovation to happen, a place for gathering interesting and curious people, and knowledge will be available, the rest will depend on the people and the new methodologies for bringing this innovation to market.
Learning by doing can be an instrument to transform this new forms and channels of knowledge into innovation, and real projects and ventures.

love to contribute to develop collectively this idea with the rest of the community, I have much more to learn than to give.

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Learning by doing will be the norm.

rhuguet said, "I imagine people going to MIT for short and regular periods of times with questions and challenges,"

That is the theory of MIT's continuing education efforts. Having taken a class or two after graduating, I know that they are very effective. HOWEVER, the way they are structured adds hotel costs and transportation. I suspect that we could cut the con-campus time roughly in half and do the other half online. This would increase overall effectiveness if we could oscillate on and off more freely.

Innovation doesn't need constant interaction. It needs a lot of it, but not all the time.