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Submitted on behalf of Administrative Council, Discussion Table 17
Brainstorm question - What costs does MIT guarantee and what do we cut when faced with hard choices?

Cost has two components – increased revenue stream or decreased spending

• Companies may want to purchase or license the education platform for their own internal “learning” programs – this could be revenue generating.
• MIT may need to invest more on the residential experience to remain competitive with peer institutions.
• Space = money – Have we examined the usage of classroom space?
• Start to use and build multipurpose spaces to provide greater flexibility. Academic Villages for teaching and learning.
• Might need less classroom space but of higher quality – technology enabled. Guarantee world class facilities.
• Given that staff have multiple transportable devices they may not need a 1:1 ratio of person to space/office/cubicle. Maybe “hotelling” spaces across campus are sufficient with more meeting rooms and collaborative opportunities. Communal work spaces.
• Faculty tend to not retire and hold onto office spaces longer.

A New Financial Model, Revenue opportunities, Cost reduction strategies