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If it helps, I'd like to contribute as an MIT alum who helps create spaces using People, Process and Technology, both for Microsoft and Microsoft customers. The point of the technology and the living and working space is to enhance the #1 irreplaceable gift of MIT - learning collaboration within education. It is not only invaluable for excelling at MIT in the academic aspects, but also is a skill that is much needed in the real world. Areas I'd like to understand are:
- We know some of the ways we worked as MIT students, but have we profiled different types? What are their typical days like? What information, space needs and access to technology do they have and at what times of the day/week/month?
- How are we enhancing the use of technology to be a part of the student life? Athena was a breakthrough at the time, in the 90's, but what have we done to innovate since then?
- Are we looking at everything combined as an experience, or looking at space and content online and people in silos?

Anyways, food for thought. Would love to help if I can.

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