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**Posted by the MIT Alumni Association on behalf of Kenneth Finn '67, MS '69**

The problem you will be facing, in addition to the concept of re-positioning M.I.T. for the future, will be the drag caused by the old faculty perceptions. Please enjoy my modest attempt at helping people get beyond their old conceptions: >http://mysite.verizon.net/kennethfinn/SOL/home.html.
In addition to The Solution Machine being a proven algorithm, it also is truly interactive and might even suggest new ways that M.I.T. could provide a forum for creativity internationally. Even the definition of your task is a little old fashioned. Is M.I.T. trying to foster Science, or Scientific Education? This is a crucial distinction.

Up to now you have been education future scientists rather than fostering science in the broader community. Not everyone could become an engineer but everyone could think of science in a more open manner. Remember Don Herbert as "Mr.Wizard" on Saturday morning T.V. in the fifties. That is fostering science. M.I.T. could lead in that endeavor and truly make a difference worldwide.

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