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In the real world, software engineers interact with other types of engineers every day. At a recent panel Apple had on campus, a lot of employees who studied Course 2 at MIT mentioned that they work with software people all the time.

In preparation for such a work environment, it would be nice to have a long project-type class (similar to 2.009) where Course 6 students could work with Course 2 students (or any other combinations of majors). My Course 6 classes aren't really preparing me to work with those outside of my major.

A project class would enable students to create a project together and could have a more lasting impact.

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Great idea!

I would take this class. I think innovation occurs at the intersection of different disciplines and I wish I could collaborate more with others from different courses and engineering fields.

It's not just software, it is

It's not just software, it is all high-tech. The problems we are working on now are so complex, it takes many engineers from different fields to solve them. Also, many of the recent key advances are all inter-disciplinary like bio-engineering and alternative energy.

Several of the IAP robotics

Several of the IAP robotics competitions (MASLAB, 6.270, ex.) already provide this sort of long-term cross-subject project. It would be interesting to see something of that nature during the term, though.