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Submitted on behalf of Administrative Council, Table Discussion from April 30 event
Brainstorm question - What are the implications for MIT’s physical spaces, including classrooms, research laboratories, residential and common spaces?

Baseline level of facilities needed
Can't be driven by technology
Line up the bar -> agility needed for tech. changes (quick changes)
Quicker renewal needed, leapfrog tech/future
Tech. avail. To '3rd world' countries - need adaptable techs
What we take for granted may not deploy in some plays
Still need residential program
New class of alumni + # of alums
Classes w/hands on - how incorporate into online classes, Where/how to do that?, MIT elsewhere?
Students do research here - even as undergrad = how translate to online
Infrastructure -> backlog/deferred maintenance
What we owe as baseline - safety, no leaks, bldg facades
New techs come at expense of this? + can buildings accommodate upgrades in network/techs then 3-5 years constant

Education & Facilities, Physical spaces