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Submitted on behalf of Administrative Council, Discussion Table 18
Brainstorm question - What costs does MIT guarantee and what do we cut when faced with hard choices?

Re-focus classroom space from facilities from rooms to lecture (currently) to provide more facilities designed to build courses. In other words, 'wire' classrooms to make it easier to develop edX quality content. Classrooms as 'studios'

Think about Income streams. Can we monetize in other ways? Partner with industry to help 'headhunt' based on MITx certification.

Undergraduate population may not take up as many classrooms as more activity moves online. Perhaps even one or more years of undergraduate education could be an off campus, at home or elsewhere experience?

What if we required one year of online edX courses be part of the application process to enter MIT?

What does all this mean for space? Hands on space vs classroom space. Do we care if students are in the same room together as they pursue their education? What does all this mean for recreational and sports facilities and activities? Do we need more or less?

Can we imagine an MIT where we don't have alumni, but life-long students who could 'come back' (for an additional fee) and get MIT (not MITx) credential for career advancement. A way to monetize the life-long member of MIT idea to increase revenue based on efficiencies afforded by edX.

Could we increase the number of students per seat or students for dorm room by leveraging access to online courses and experiences. Turn some of our dorms into 'hotel like' spaces. If we have multiple co-horts two thirds of their time online and the other third on campus for very intense and hands on education.

A New Financial Model, Revenue opportunities, Education & Facilities, Physical spaces