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The following message was sent to the email address listed at the bottom of this page but bounced back as no such user so I'm posting the message here.

To: mitedu-cochairs@exchange.mit.edu
Date: 4-5-13
Re: Direction for Yammer Group: Future of MIT Education

I'm the default temporary administrator for the The Future of MIT Education Yammer group until I can find someone to volunteer to take the lead.

Is there a way the outside alumni members of the Yammer group can interact with some members of the three internal MIT groups ( http://future.mit.edu/membership ) for MIT education, edX implications and new financial models? It seems there may be mutual benefits if we had some overview of the issues and tradeoffs. That direction will hopefully lead to a lively debate that will encourage others to join the discussion and make it more productive. But if we don't have feedback or challenges from the internal group, then our outside alumni efforts may be less productive.

Thank you,

Bob Colopy

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