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Move away from the lecture model and use the flipped classroom model where appropriate; the advantage of a physical campus is the opportunity to collaborate and work on research. Focus the time on campus for these efforts, and use the classroom for discussion modules of content presented online. The hybrid model would allow for a more sophisticated learning experience with interactive online lessons where the end user can watch a segmented talk with strong visual representations broken up by problem statements, and the classroom could be used for tests and facilitated study groups.

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Online learning

Hands-on demonstrations and laboratory work is to online learning as online learning is to reading a book.
There is a hierarchy of teaching strategies and we must find a compromise between cost and availability. For some, the best option (if they can afford it) will be a residential college with excellent online teaching tools. For many others (not only at MIT), online learning will be the only option to have access to some of the great teching masters.
Right now we are all very lucky to be able to watch and learn from Walter Lewin, to mention only one of the greatest.