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I have one suggestion that has been on my mind since graduation in 1963. I feel that there is a need for all MIT students to have the chance/opportunity to work as an intern in a company in their field of endeavor during a few semesters. There is nothing like experiencing the “Real World” showing what is happening in your field. If this means that it takes summers or extra semesters to graduate, perhaps the sponsoring company can contribute to the student’s fees and tuition to make it work.

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Kenneth Klein
Class of 1963

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Since many years we are supporting the MIT German Program and we are happy to host many highly motivated students for a couple of weeks or even month in german companies or research institutions. I agree absolutely with Kenneth that it is important for students to experience the "Real World". More over we feel that an international experience will prepare them for the global economy. Let's enhance this and similar programs.

Richard C. Geibel
VP MIT Club of Germany

I'm a current student, a

I'm a current student, a junior, and I also think internships are critical. In particular, I think it is very helpful to experience and internship in a functioning company or organization during your first summer here at MIT. For me, that experience did wonders to help me puzzle out what I wanted to learn and what I needed to know. With that in mind, I approached my classes differently and much more easily saw why I was being taught what I was being taught.