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Industry and academia are two sides of the same coin at MIT. How do you provide access to that experience for thousands of internet-based students? would propose two things. The first would be asking MIT's Global Education and Career Development Center to reach out to 50 international companies asking them to identify the two or three problems that they would like to propose for academic review. These could be integrated into the MITx experience as case studies. Students who perform well in the course and interview successfully with MIT could be proposed as interns to the company to continue their study of the problem that was at the heart of the case. This would be the second component of the industry experience, a sort of "xternship" or "xROP" for the "tele-student". The externships are currently arranged by the MIT Alumni Association, but this could be something assumed by UROP or by GECD.

Global Implications of EdX, Beyond the residential campus