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Submitted on behalf of Administrative Council, Discussion Table 7
Brainstorm question: What are the implications for MIT’s physical spaces, including classrooms, research laboratories, residential and common spaces?

-every space needs to be wired
-the quality of our physical space matters. For the students (and families) the facilities as a draw to come to campus need updating. The facilities will say who we are, why come here and what students should expect from us
-we need flexible spaces where faculty and students can interact—A Starbucks on every corner?
-we should promote smaller classes, more interaction.
-improve student social skills through personal interactions
-space needs to promote formal and informal gatherings of people
-immediate feedback aids learning
-flexibility in students’ time due to MITx, could lead to us to recast existing space to expand areas for UROP
-Research Labs could move to a shared facilities model
-Students may be on a different academic calendar-different schedule, semester etc
-If students are ‘away’ more often, then how do the dorm beds get filled? Would an ‘MITx-change’ work? A subset of MITx students could take part in an exchange to actually come to campus to learn in person for a semester

Education & Facilities, Physical spaces