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Submitted on behalf of Administrative Council, Table Discussion, April 30 event
Brainstorm question - What are the pathways and barriers to extending aspects of the MIT educational experience to learners around the world?

Issues associated with copyright and licensing owned by third parties but instructors would like to make those books, resources available for free to students…this may be an edX issue not necessarily an MITx issue
A&L access related to learners with disabilities
Access in general - MITx & edX addressing the digital divide, poverty
How do you effectively offer labs for all relevant courses?
How do you leverage the global partnership that we already have with MISTI, Skoltech, Alumni, and other global partners that reach learners in less formal ways?
Truly edX is the pathway to reaching learners around the world
Mens et Manus - learn by doing - how do we export this experience - do we really want to?
Learn by failing - how to allow students to fail and it is okay
Faculty are the pathway and they can also be the barrier - they have to embrace this as a value-added for MIT and the world
MIT has no school of education - how do we use the "Big Data" to ensure that we use the research to enhance the MITx/edX experience and reach all types of learners
MISTI students can help with the mens et manus by sharing their knowledge in the locations they visit

Global Implications of EdX, Global implications of edX