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MIT is not just an education institution, but a trend setter.

We need to know where is civilization heading, then we know what type of technology & management, education & organization we need.
In the past, we have been unable to preemptively develop technology, education, because we do not know where is civilization heading.
But once we know where is civilization heading, i am sure many events in history, ceaseless evolution in technology is explained.

So knowing this heading is THE KEY for MIT.
MIT,THE MOST ESTEEMED institution has to seek.
May i assist this esteemed community to do so - where is civilization heading?
Then we can reflect back why history, technologies evolved that way.
Then we can look forward where, what, how technology, education are needed.
Then investment of our effort become clearer, venture have more certainties of success, profit.

I entered MIT in 1983 when first IBM PC came with a floppy, without hard-disk, since then we know we have to make it faster, more memory.
Few years latter, we know we need Graphics interface, multi-tasking, that came in Window NT 1990.
These bring about a whole revolutions of new products, controlling all machines, all banks transactions, even shopping at supermarket.
But suddenly we find there is no new major products.
Most effort are about creating replacement with friendlier, battery operated, wireless, beautiful devices....
but, sadly they are cheaper.
So engineers have to work harder yet rewarded with lower income...

Engineers should not submit to this.
Economy cannot go this way... wars have started, and seemed more are coming.

This has happened before.
When agrarian technology matured, we have to enter dark ages, till renaissance bring about new ideas.
This has happened before again, when Newtonian physics cannot explain how atoms behave that way...
Neil Bohr derived from Chinese Philosophy, Taiji and explained the structure of atoms.
Revealing atomic structure, brought about chemistry, electronics,
It is these that bring about the above revolutions.
The electronics revolution that resulting in long, significant, magnificent boom of economy, expanded middle class, countless billionaires..

Today, after the tough challenges of physical laws of atoms are revealed.
We need to ascend next, higher realm, we need to explore where is civilization heading?
We need to know where "the only constant is change" leading us to?
By know these can we then solve our current major challenges: economy, energy, environment !!
Once when these are done, then educating on campus, off campus, in physical campus, in virtual world will find their places, will lead the world forward.

I will wait for this esteemed audience to share, before sharing the answers i have delivered and helped a few leaders of the world to set national policies, law, projects...

MIT has to set a trend to go forward.
MIT must regain the trend setter role since her establishment in 1861, at the backyard of Harvard.

Fellow MIT alumni,
do you want to stay in the shallow of Harvard?
do you want wall street bankers who manipulate wealth to be the richest ?
do you want engineers who create real wealth be on the main street, poorer?
if you do not, participate actively and helping, refining, improving, proliferating ideas will be presenting here...

Solvere, Lim Swee Keng
Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher

"The only CONSTANT CHANGE for Civilization is to INTEGRATE
greater number of people, from greater diversities, deeper, broader, faster, more frequently"
Solvere @ Globalentrepolis
2006 10 31

Industries that promote integration are those that drove economy.
"Post Industrialization Dynamos"
Solvere autumn 2009
ISBN 9810 833558

Global Implications of EdX, Beyond the residential campus, Education purpose, drivers for economy, future education model