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I attended MIT for undergrad and then again a few years later for MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO). LGO has a fantastic model that should be rolled out across the institute of having industry partnerships which supplement education. LGO has industry partners which pay to be part of the program. The partner companies provide invaluable learning experiences from internship opportunities, to case study presentations integrated into the classroom experience which relate to the learning, and even offer group project opportunities to solve a problem for the companies for academic credit as part of a class. The industry partners help students see the implementation of theory first hand as well as build important networking connections and relationships they can use to find summer internships, jobs post graduation, or to take with them for later in their careers.. In return, the companies get closer access to MIT graduates for hiring, access to the expertise of MIT professors, and cutting edge research applied to their business as part of student research or internship projects. The system also helps to fund MIT financially and can greatly reduce the cost of tuition.

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Everyone Benefits

I wholeheartedly agree. Introducing a path for someone like an undergrad to graduate in conjunction with industry experience is invaluable and guarantees a return on investment with every party involved. The business supporting the influx of students get trained workers (with loyalty) suited to their needs, the students get a more affordable and attainable degree that also provides experience, and MIT will be that much more in tune with the needs of the industry (as well as financially, mentioned above).