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We came. We conquered the 4 years of MIT. We picked up the soft skills in our late-night pset groups, checkoffs, CI-M's, recitations, and extracurriculars like sports, Dancetroupe, and midnight excursions to the domes. But with the many courses available at MIT, we may not have had the time to pick up all the formulas or concepts that define the world around us (as much as we try to bend the rules of time, there are only 24 hours in a day). Our natural curiosity continues on once we finish walking at graduation--a curiosity that can be partially satisfied with the opportunities MITx courses provide. We've also paid our $160k+ in tuition to MIT for our toils.

Free, unlimited MITx courses and certifications to MIT alumni would allow us to expand our knowledge even after we graduate, explore areas we never knew we were interested, and apply this new knowledge in an interdisciplinary setting as we strive to make the world a better place. A certification in a course that we may not have had time to take during our studies, paired with the education we received during our residential stay, will open new doors for many alumni who seek to continue learning and innovating after leaving Cambridge.

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