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My work in planning and current research is indicating that cities - independent of location and culture - show an adherence to power laws to the effect that in doubling the population size requires only about 85% of the investment in infrastructure. At the same time, the output of creativity, innovation and wealth (as well as downside beahviors like crime) show a retuen to scale of between 15 and 20 percent. The world is urbanizing at an incredible pace and these finding speak directly to the role that cities will play in our collctive future. It seems to me that MIT and other research hubs are critical points of cohesion in a broad and complex network. Yes, things will happen at a distance, but I believe that the physical proximity of the place plays a vital role in the success of networks related to discovery. Will will probably see the idea of an academic year evaporate into a continuous stream of interactions both distant and proximate with a blend of on campus research and learning as well as numerous other techniques that will coalesce around what is being done and who is particpating.

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