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Through my academic and medical life I observed that the subject matter experts are not necessary the best teachers or speakers.

We have the opportunity to transform the academic experience of the students and the faculty if we give each one the the best environment to express themselves.
Imagine a place where:

Step 1 the information available on the web is collected and personalized for the individual student needs,
Step 2 the student can practice alone or with his peers in a virtual world till they reach the competency level required,
Step 3 the students meet with the expert in the lab for conversations.

With the advance of the virtual words, game technology and AI, using a personalized knowledge management system I believe we can get there.

We also can reduce the cost / hour spent on frontal teaching and auditoriums space and so increase capacity.

I believe we have all the know how in house in different departments.We just need to break the silos and commit to the change.

Just a thought

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